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Ever Thought About Investing in Real Estate?

Jeff works with experienced investors, and new clients, that want to add real estate property, to their investment portfolios.

If your new to investing, Jeff teaches you how to determine the value of rental property. If you’re an experienced investors Jeff looks forward meeting and working with you. He’ll help you find the right property, work the numbers with you, and get your next investment property to escrow.

New investors will learn how to determine the four types of income derived from ownership of investment property; income or cash flow, income tax savings through depreciation, principal reduction, through mortgage pay down, and property appreciation. Each investment property is unique, and Jeff will teach you how to determine their value.

Jeff also teaches you the fundamentals of determining income & expenses, and learning why knowing the “net operating income” is the most important factor, in determining investment properties, future value.

Jeff will demonstrate how to determine rates of return on your investment, utilizing such formulas at “Cap Rates” or capitalization rates, “cash on cash” return on investment, and the more advanced “float & desire” method of determining the value of an investment property.

Jeff also works with current investors that are interested in “exchanging” investment properties, instead of selling them. Utilizing the “Stocker 1031” method of exchanging “like kind” properties, allows the investor to defer payment of “capital gains” on their exchanged properties, until some future date, when their personal tax exposure, is more financially suitable.

Just a quick word on the term “like kind”exchange. Like kind means when you exchange your investment property it could be for residential, commercial, agriculture, or land. It could even be a combination of all of the above. The key here is knowing “like kind” means, “real estate (any kind) of equal or greater in value”.

Jeff’s membership in the network of Remax Affiliated Agents provides his client’s service where ever their next desired exchange or purchase might occur. Whether the investment property you’re interested in is here in Northern Virginia, cross state, across the nation, or around the world. Working with Jeff you can expect a coordinated & timely selection, exchange, & settlement of your next investment properties.

Jeff can also help you plan the purchase of your “vacation” investment home, which may prove to be your ultimate retirement home.

Jeff advises his clients that before pursuing real estate investing, they should gain the services of a good accountant, and real estate attorney. Have their services available to you, to provide professional advice, as it relates to your unique financial circumstances.

Jeff looks forward to working with you.

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